To use the bike rental system, download the mobile app, sign up and activate your account by entering a valid means of payment. Proceed by scanning the QR code or entering the bike number in the app. Attention! The lock will open automatically, so never activate your rental from a distance.

Check that the lock under the seat has successfully unlocked. If not, physically unlock it by moving the handle upwards.

Pull the unlocked bike out of the docking station.

Always return the bike to the official station. To complete the rental successfully, insert the bike into the docking station, lock the lock under the seat and wait for the sound signal. If there are no free docking stations, place the bike next to the occupied docking stations and lock the lock under the seat. If the lock does not work properly, check and move the rear wheel and re-lock it. You can check the successful completion of the rental in the app. Attention! If the bike is not returned correctly, your rental will not be marked as completed.

While using the bike, please observe road safety rules and ride safely.